Sex and the Long Breath

Kamasutra was taught the importance of the breath to cultivate your sexual vitality. Mentioned, a mighty king able to deal with dozens of concubines, thanks to the excellent habit of breathing exercise. Well, though the extent to which the ability to make your partner sigh in awe bed.
Learn to labor in, or if breathing has become a trend. Meditation and yoga training, visited by many people. His books were selling well. It is believed, to learn if the breath can increase sexual vitality. Of course in addition to self defense, heal disease, freshen and memperbugar body. Really?

Sex is a physical and psychic activity. If one does not run normally, sexual power will decrease, not even function. However, most sexual disorders caused by psychological problems. Well, it can be trained through a regular breathing rhythm and control. One of the core if breathing is relaxing the blood vessels are fresh. That way people can organize and control his breathing, which means it is also capable of controlling the passions and thoughts, including ejaculation and orgasm.

So, sex is the art of the art of self-control and control of physical ability. By controlling the breath, when an orgasm or ejaculation depends on what you want it. No wonder if anyone could feel an orgasm over and over again because of its ability to process the breath. The key lies in how you control your breath in the burning love emotions.

Such as sports, giving breath to the body’s overall strength. Sexual activity was good because blood flow is much better. Respiratory excellent start and was able to maintain sexual activity and resist premature ejaculation. Because the concentration can be adjusted so that someone could pull himself together. Breathing is calm estuary. If a person is more calm and able to master his soul was restless, anxious or stressed, may take longer to ejaculate.
But do not forget, also involving the sexual activity of the body systems simultaneously. A good breath without physical fitness will not pick the sexual power of the old. Some college personnel in or if the breath is also an impact on physical fitness.

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