The easiest position Achieving Orgasm

If you are a fan of the missionary position (woman on bottom, man on top), it’s time you learned or Technical Cooperation Sexual TCS. TCS is a variation of the missionary position, which can stimulate the G spot as good by stimulating the clitoris. Also, the ease of orgasm simultaneously (simultaneous orgasms).

The trick is not complicated. Start with the missionary position. The man shifted his weight in women, not on his elbow. Then, he moved approximately 5 cm so that her pelvis just above the woman. With her legs wrapped around his thigh, when the man hit a woman doing interesting movements, so that was a direct but gentle stimulation. The key lies in the pressure (and counter-pressure) as well as the coordination of rhythmic movements are gentle and slow.
Of course, this position is not automatic, but must be adjusted in such a way. When orgasm is almost reached, the woman must wait quietly, rather than trying to achieve it in a hurry. Rhythm, control, and patience, are the things important to obtain an orgasm.

Studies conducted on 86 men and women, found encouraging results. Of a number of women who ‘always and often’ having an orgasm every time they had sex, 77% achieve orgasm after trained using the TKS. Who do not use the EFB, only 22% achieve orgasm. On a smaller study, the results are even more ‘splashy’. There are 50% of women experience orgasm simultaneously. Without EFB, only 4.5%. You want to try it?

(Various sources)


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