Tips For Men

Andropause is not Ghost The Adam
You enter the age of andropause? Nervous, thumping, anxiety,
and the growing lack of confidence? Do not be afraid. That body’s natural processes.
Calmness and maturity will help you
face of the andropause symptoms.

————————————————– ——————————

TERMS andropause origin is the equivalent of menopause in women, namely the decrease in estrogen levels to near zero is marked by the cessation of menstruation. The egg (ovum) not diperoduksi again. And during this process, various symptoms occur that make people feel uncomfortable.

For a man, the same is true of men, as testosterone levels decline, and this phenomenon is called andropause. Although the term is not very precise because even in old age, sperm continue to be produced, although in smaller amounts. So it does not happen cessation (pause) in the sense of a stable. This process is very slow, often not even recognized. And therefore, this symptom is need of attention.

Research in Western countries show that 10-15% of men aged 60 years began experiencing andropause. 54% of men menjukkan andropause symptoms in the age group 60-90 years. This means that, with increasing life expectancy, the number of patients with symptoms of andropause will increase by leaps and bounds.

Here are some of the usual symptoms of andropause to the severity of which varies.

First, decreased sexual desire and erectile capacity. This situation is often regarded as a logical consequence of old age, though not entirely true. Although, factors other than public disclosure, sexual arousal can also be decreased due to decreased levels of the hormone testosteron. But, just erection may go down if the decrease in testosterone was coupled with another penyakir such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol or smoking.

Second, emotional changes. Be unstable, explosive outbursts, and depression. This is followed by the memory capacity and fatigue yangberkurang come too easily.

Third, shrinking and sagging body muscles. This is a logical consequence of the reduced supply of testosterone earlier.

Fourth, the thinning hair, though not for everyone. Hereditary factors will further demonstrate the thinness of the very rapid changes.

Fifth, there is bone loss (osteoporosis). From the results of the research note, the prime condition of the bones are formed at the age of 25 years, and a progressive decrease until the age of 50 years. Usually, the greatest risk for femur fractures are elderly.

Sixth, fat storage occurs. These muscles are loosened munculkarena was not able to distribute to all members of the body fat.

Well, if even one of six of these things happen to you, then you are being attacked andropause syndrome. So what should you do if the “ghost” andropause is coming?

Be aware, aging is the body’s natural processes, and experienced by everyone. Therefore, it is best to not dismiss the proceedings, but to face the process by doing activities that are beneficial and quality. For example, exciting worship.

Keep in mind, andropause is a psychological impact on men. Therefore, it is best to treat your psychic side. Think positive, and do not consider the physical decline that became redundant constraints. Face it to relax. Because, the burden of stress and depression will increasingly make the body and soul so tired.

Often, these complaints at the age of andropause appear as feelings of loss of authority and courage. As a result, many who try to thwart this process by taking a supplement or tonic. In fact, the only stimulant drug effects, and very temporary. This result, if the “rescue” medication is completed, the pressure will come with a stronger level. And, consequently is not insurmountable increasingly seksualmenjadi activity, collapsed and without vitality.

For a physical disorder, more DAPT medil experts are expected to provide assistance. For example, by providing the hormone testosterone to increase sexual activity, or psychological counseling to calm down.

Well, if you’re still worried, our advice is the last one is resigned to the power of God. Conditions of surrender, Sumarah will make your soul calm, and able to accept the situation lightly, and focus on more akhirati activity.

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