10 Best Practices in Nursing

 – One of the obligations of the mother is breastfeeding. Well, to do it is not difficult, but if not done with good manners will reduce the positive value of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding success not only in the hands of the mother. But also support for couples, families, friends and people around. Breastfeeding is not easy. Do not hesitate to ask your doctor or visit a lactation clinic.

Failure of many nursing mothers due to ignorance. For that, Freda Rosenfeld, a lactation consultant from International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), reveal ten things that is important to know the mothers for breastfeeding success.

A. Immediate breastfeeding after delivery
Immediately after delivery, early initiation of breastfeeding do (IMD). Tell this to your doctor or midwife, as it will greatly affect the infant’s ability to find the mother’s nipple.

2. Ask for help
If you feel pain or pain in early lactation, immediately ask for help. It could be because you are feeding the wrong position. Do not wait until the pain intensified.

3. Enough sleep
Sleep when your baby sleeps. It’s very important to reduce the risk of postpartum depression and stress can adversely affect the production of breast milk (ASI).

4. Use a nursing bra
To facilitate your breastfeeding, use a specially designed bra for breastfeeding. So that the breasts remain propped up well and you also feel comfortable.

5. Circular massage
Before you start feeding, breast massage in a circular motion like a play.

6. Balanced
Do not just nursing one breast only. Balance the use of left and right breast.

7. Protect nipples
To avoid sores around the nipple due to friction, the oil regularly give of the nipple. You can use olive oil or baby oil.

8. Drink
Make sure you are too much to drink while nursing. This is not about increasing milk production, but it makes the body healthy and prevent dehydration after feeding.

9. Baby’s mouth is wide open
Make sure the baby’s mouth opened wide as he sucked the milk. Areola, the dark circles around the nipple, should get into the baby’s mouth, so he can be more easily sucked and did not hurt the mother’s breast.

10. Canvass
When breastfeeding you can sometimes feel tired or stressed. Do not hesitate to ask to accompany her husband, because of spousal support may soothe you. Not only that, baby relationship, father and mother were so close.


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