And the beautiful White Tips

Many women who want to have white skin and Canti, the following simple tips that can be done to get the white skin and beautiful:

– Drink at least 8 glasses a day. Its function is to remove toxins and metabolic waste of the body. This can make the skin look healthier and brighter.
– Eat foods that contain various vitamins such as vitamin A, B and C. The food is nothing but vegetables and fruit, very good for skin health.
– Do exercise at least 2 times a week. In addition to a healthy body, exercise can also make the skin healthier.
– Avoid stress, because stress can make skin wrinkles. So the smart set of emotions and thoughts.
– Clean your face regularly, starting with the use cleansing milk and lift the dirt face using facial soap.
– The use of sun protection is very good for protecting the skin from the adverse effects of sunlight.
– Raise the dead skin cells are routinely 4-6 weeks with a facial manner.


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