Beautiful White

As a woman who does not look sleek baseball … especially the girls, as well as with me because I am a woman and mother of three my daughter that will surely grow up. Has a natural white skin looks unsightly it certainly …

Well .. how hard difficult to find cosmetics for skin whitening … if in fact there is a more natural way with the material which we often encounter everyday at home that can be used to whiten the skin that looks natural. One of these shells and white rice. Here’s how:

@ Eggshells us basking in the sun until it is completely dry, then we mash until smooth

@ white rice we also mash until smooth

Both fabrics are smoothed over with a ratio of 1:3 we mixed with rose water or enough water and we use as a scrub. twice a day using that ideally in the bath.

Good luck and feel the soft white skin of Beauty.


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