4 Flirting Tips Cheap Invisible Man

Beautiful, smart and good-hearted woman is not the main factor to attract the hearts of men. But unfortunately not all women can tease a man with an elegant way. Consider the four men flirting tips without having to look cheap.

Attract a man’s heart does not mean wearing a mini dress, behave aggressively, and said some bad. Things like that rarely even make the man away from you. To avoid this, Blum Bobbi Palmer, an expert on the relationship of Self Growth site describes four tips to seduce a man with an elegant way. Here it is:

A. Praise him
Praise not only work for women only, men also need to be praised. The man will be very happy if you think they are smart, handsome, attractive and funny. Try to occasionally give a compliment like “wow, great job,” “You look handsome today.” A sincere compliment can make you closer to him, but keep in mind, do not be too excessive.

2. Use your body
Body’s intent to use here does not mean you have to look aggressive so it looks cheap. Slow movement of your body such as giving eye contact, body facing him for menunjukka that you are attracted to them, and do not forget to shake off the hair. By behaving like this, he will instinctively put his attention on you.

3. Tell me about yourself
This section may be a bit difficult because if we can not limit ourselves, that he could have been bored with your long story. Better, tell me a unique experience, achievements, briefly the nature of your fun, then give him time to respond and tell the story himself. This way, you do not look like a selfish woman.

4. Tujukkan him
Tell him clearly that you have spent a pleasant time with him. At the end of the meeting, please do not hesitate to say, “thou art a fun, yes, I’m glad to see you.” Make him feel comfortable and appreciated, if he is interested in you, then he will immediately call and ask you out again.


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