4 Ways to Express Interest Shown in the Eyes of Men

Men are visual creatures, but not all the adam easily conquered. There are many ways you can do to get the coveted gebetan heart long ago.

Many women work extra hard with dressing like a super model to attract the attention of men. In fact, the best performances do not always contribute to the success of steps you won the hearts of men. In his eyes, looks like the perfect woman on the cover of magazines is not always become the main hope. So, what makes a woman attractive to men? Yourmodernliving disclose it to you.


One of the first characteristic that makes a woman attractive is the long hair. This does not mean that you need to make long hair down to her waist. If you do use models usually short hair, maybe you can memertimbangkannya to let all the shoulder.

High heels

Men like women when wearing high heels. But it does not mean you have to push to wear heels as high as 10 cm to add interest. A comfortable pair of high heels will make you look better and make you look sexy.

Dress is feminine

To complete the look of high heels, using a dress or skirt would be the exact equivalent. Feminine clothes can accentuate all the features you as a woman that makes you more interested. However, if the event is held outdoors so the agenda was wearing casual clothes are the best option.


It is amazing when you can give your best smile on the man. The problem is, many women make the mistake of trying to maintain a neutral expression so that your smile looks forced. In fact, a genuine smile can take a man’s heart. So, learn to give your best smile and impress her with your


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