6 Breast Women Playing Techniques

Sometimes the women do not realize that their breasts are able to give more satisfaction to the men who saw it. Your breasts are very instrumental in providing you and your partner pleasure. Still confused what should you do to your breasts are able to give pleasure.

Follow these six tips that will surely make you and your partner more pleasure than usual even many times

1 Cuddle up
When your partner gently caressing your breasts, your brain will immediately respond to the sensation that feels warm and soft flowing all over your body. To maximize the desire when making out, put yourself on top of her neck while holding on to him. Emphasize your bust to your partner’s chest. At the same time it can actually increase the intimacy of the relationship, because the flow of blood rushing. Your breasts will feel warm, make your partner always wants to stay with you.

2. Tease Them
You can make your breasts more quickly hardened with the help of your partner. Put your finger in between the breasts of your partner and then move slowly rotate around the breast-like drawing a circle around the breast. Guaranteed to make you feel the vibrations pleasures.

3. Relish new sensation
If your partner is great at playing your breasts, then there is no harm in trying something a little out of character. Apply body lotion or even silk fabric you can make sex more exciting.

4. Focus above the areola
Putting was not the most sensitive part in the breast area. Area is actually a part of the reddish or brownish color around the nipple of the breast.

5. Get wet
Warm bath with your partner you should probably try to increase the sensation before having sex. Warm water temperatures would make the blood rush to the surface of the skin and increase the body temperature, it will make your skin more sensitive to the touch. Next take your partner to put soap on your breasts and feel the combination of warm water and soap is slippery which can certainly make your partner more quickly and passionately.

6. Maximize your size
Some women are usually fun to pass up the opportunity to play with her own breasts during intercourse. Especially if they are insecure with their breast size. Now, you do not need to worry to have breasts that contain less because the experts stated that a woman’s breasts can be enlarged up to 25% of its original size when excited. How, when you are in a position above, lift and gently squeeze the breasts or you can also press the breast from two sides simultaneously.


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