Shown Pulling Tips in 10 Minutes

Every woman wants to look beautiful. The problem sometimes hinder a person’s time. The lack of available time sometimes did not have time to make a woman’s dress. If there is time, it is often very limited. Ultimately only be wearing lipstick and powder potluck.

Dress up before work or travel is a challenge for a woman. But do not worry, there are a few tips that can be utilized in order to look nice with a narrow time owned. Always use the opportunity in order to narrow look beautiful and attractive.

Use every opportunity
If you do not have time grooming at home, you can use the time in the car. When the traffic light was red, use this time lag dress. Very lucky if it goes to the spouse. When he’s driving, you can engage him in conversation while to fix the appearance. If arriving early at the office or on-site appointments with clients or friends, you can use the time to improve the appearance of the restroom.

Starting from the crown
Hair is often referred to as the crown for the woman. Not surprisingly, writing about the bad hair day always comes up in women’s magazines, because the appearance of hair is very important. You do not have to go to the hair salon for a charming display. The combination of a comb with a rope or hair clip is enough to make the hair look beautiful. If time is tight enough to trim and use the rope to make the classic style of Ponytail. Can also use bobby pins to make a French twist style that suggests a young, fresh and relaxed. To see step by step simple but beautiful hair, you can find on Youtube.

Turning to face
After the hair look beautiful, it’s your turn now beautify the face. If the hair can get people interested from afar, will face more attractive if people approach you. Use a concealer to cover up spots or lines on the face. After that use the foundation followed by powder.

Notice the eye
The eyes are the most often overlooked by other people, because when speaking of people would look at your eyes. Makeup artist Pati Dubroff, who usually make up Jennifer Aniston gives simple tips. To look pretty, no need to use thick makeup. Sweep it with a pencil thin eyebrows and then use mascara to taste, it is going to make a woman look beautiful. Do not believe it? Just look at Jennifer Aniston.

Cover with a lipstick or lipgloss
The final step is to use a lipliner to draw outside the lip area. After it closed with lipstick lipstick or lip gloss to beautify a smile on his lips. Smile it will make others captive.

These steps can be done in minutes, no need for hours. Though it only takes a short time, but you can still look attractive and be the center of attention.


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