Overcoming Traditional Medicine Whitish.

Whitish disease that occurs in many women can not be underestimated. Discharge must be treated immediately, either using traditional medicine or medical drugs. Vaginal discharge in women can also cause kemadulan. Many of the women are not too worried about vaginal discharge. More worrying whiteness does not know whether you are married or not married. So as not persistent then you should immediately treat it, and because the vagina is highly sensitive so it is safe to use traditional medicine to cope with whitish.

Overcoming Traditional Medicine Keputihan.Keputihan or Fluor Albus is an abnormal vaginal secretion in women. Vaginal discharge caused by infection is usually accompanied by itching in the vagina and around the outer vaginal lips. Which often cause vaginal discharge include bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites also. This infection can spread and cause inflammation of the urinary tract, causing the pain when the patient is urinating. Use a safe way to treat this discharge is whitish with traditional medicine.

Here are some of the traditional white medicine that can be used by women:

A. Dried pomegranate. 30 grams of dried pomegranate skins and 30 grams of bitter boiled with 600 cc of water to the remaining 300 cc. then drink the water while warm. Usage: 2 times a day regularly.
2. Aloe Vera. Aloe vera taste peeled and boiled and then blended with 30 grams of water to taste bitter. After that, water is drunk while warm. Usage: 2 times a day regularly.
3. Combs leaves are bitter and Chicken. Boil 3 cups of water with 15 grams of material in the form of dried chicken’s comb flower, 15 grams of dried bitter, and leaves 10 fresh slobber up the remaining 1 cup. After the cold filtered.
4. Aloe vera taste peeled and juiced up the inside, then boiled with 30 grams of bitter and betel with enough water to taste. After boiling, use boiled water to clean the vagina in a warm state. Usage: 2 times a day regularly.

Whitish disease often experienced by a woman who is less able to maintain the cleanliness of the skin or clothes, causing the growth of fungi that can cause vaginal discharge. Besides the disease can also be caused by inflammation that occurs in the tubes. Hence the consumption of traditional medicine continues to address this whiteness to your speedy recovery from this disease.


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