Traditional Medicine Back Pain..

Traditional Medicine Hospital Pinggang.Sakit Waist or Low Back Pain (LBP) is pain that occurs in the lower back and may spread to the legs especially the left-rear and side out. These complaints can be so great that the patient had difficulty in every movement (embarrassed) and the patient should rest and hospitalized. Back pain is actually not necessarily associated with a hospital, if the pain is still at a low stage of advance is better treated with traditional medicine back pain you feel.

This complaint was back pain ranks second after the common headache. Of data on patient visits to the neurology clinic showed that the number of patients over the age of 40 years who present with low back pain was quite a lot. In the United States more than 80% of residents had complained of low back pain and in our own country is estimated to number more. So many people who suffer from back pain was so encouraged the experts to find the back pain that traditional medicine is also a potent cure this complaint.

Here’s a new recipe for those of you who come from surrounding plants. The recipe does not use drugs made from chemicals. I call it traditional medicine, medicine of the village, a drug already used for generations since our parents had not yet as sophisticated as today’s technology.

Its main ingredient just avocado leaves. The way life is: Take the avocado leaves 10 that are not too old but also not too young. Boil 2 cups water and leave it until the water half a cup. Newly appointed from the fire. Drink boiled water it once in a day. It is recommended to drink in a week, inshaAllah aka heal your back pain and no recurrence.

This herb is so easy to be consumed for your back pain sufferers. If the disease is coming to attack it will interfere with all your daily activities. So now in order to be treated since your work is not interrupted just because of back pain. Avocados are proven to be a traditional medicine back pain.

Traditional Medicine Back Pain
was posted on Saturday, October 22nd, 2011 at 12:53 pm

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