Traditional medicine Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

Traditional medicine Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. Disease Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) {Dengue Hemorrhagic medical language called Fever (DHF)} is a disease caused by dengue virus is transmitted through the bite of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus, which results in impaired capillary blood vessels and the blood clotting system, thus resulting in bleeding-bleeding. Dengue fever could not be left alone because the disease is very dangerous. You should take immediate treatment for this disease can be brought to the hospital could be a traditional medicine dengue hemorrhagic fever.

Signs or symptoms of dengue appear as red spots on the skin. Besides temperature over 38 ° c, the body feels weak and lethargic, anxious, cold hands and feet end sweating, heartburn, and vomiting. Can also be accompanied by bleeding such as bleeding and bowel movement with blood and platelet counts drop to 100.000/mm3. No need to wait for all of these symptoms appear, when it finds some signs consult a doctor or nearest health facility. If you do not want to deal with the doctor or hospital, you can consume traditional medicine for dengue fever.

If you want to make a traditional herb DBD, then prepare the following materials:

* 1 piece of Papaya Leaf (*)
* 1 handful meniran tree (approximately 5-6 trees) (*) have sprung up in place a damp, leaf-like leaf spines that when touched and closed, but it leaves behind no spots spots of groats (rice)
* 1 vertebra (thumb) Intersection ireng (*)
* 1 vertebra (thumb) saffron yellow (*)
* 1 teaspoon salt end
* 500 ml of boiled water

Functions of each herb.
A. Papaya leaves, to kill the virus
2. Turmeric as an anti-biotic
3. Intersection ireng heal ulcers, as well as increase appetite
4. Meniran leaves to increase platelets.
5. Salt to raise blood pressure.

Ways of making:

All natural herbal ingredients are washed clean, then (*) pounded, boiled water is poured into the juice squeezed collision collision results in a clean fit and given salt Stir until the salt dissolves, potion taken 3 times daily after meals. 500 ml 3 times the herbs enough to drink, be sure to provide a white segelasair drink immediately after taking this herb, because this herb is very bitter taste and smell a bit too salty.
Side effects of the above ingredients:
patients will feel sore and hungry hausekali shortly after taking this herb.

If you just want to increase the number of platelets in your body, you can also make the following ingredients:

2 tablespoons red yeast rice (such as rice or glutinous rice colored merahdan which are usually available on the market or the supermarket row of Chinese herbs)

* Boil 2 cups water to boiling and to only 1 cup.
* Refrigerate and drink

Without a tree or herb on meniran: papaya, yellow turmeric, black turmeric, salt and water

May the traditional medicine of dengue hemorrhagic fever is beneficial to you all. Dengue fever can not be left in place must be handled with care so as not to be protracted.


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