Traditional Medicine To Overcome Obesity

Believed that much is not good in our lives, as well as if too much weight due to excess fat in the body can cause a disproportionate appearance as well as a very dangerous disease such as heart attacks, diabetes, stroke and others. Disease of obesity (overweight) due to diet and unhealthy living, drinking alcohol, lack of a body moving, and rarely exercise. Obesity occurs due to imbalance food intake compared with expenditure of energy by the body. Now it’s time for those of you who have obesity problems to try traditional medicine to overcome obesity. Powerful proven able to solve your problem.

Overcoming Traditional Medicine Obesitas.Fakta show obesity affects not only adults, but also the child. Number of children who are obese has tripled in the last 20 years where 10 percent occurred in children aged 6 years and up to 17 percent in those aged 15 years. Ministry of Health concluded that, of the estimated 210 million population of Indonesia in 2000, the number of people who are obese (overweight) is estimated at 76.7 million (17.5%) and obese patients totaled more than 9.8 million (4.7%). Based on these data, it can be concluded that obesity in Indonesia has become a major problem that needs serious handling. Because obesity is a major problem, then what are you waiting? immediately solve your problem with traditional drugs for treating obesity that the government was not involved dizzy thinking about it.

Typical herbs Rhizome bangle Indonesia is believed to help overcome the problem of obesity / overweight. Bangle contain active compounds which can increase the activity of lipase enzyme whose function is to hydrolyze fat and improve body’s digestive system. In addition, Bangle also known as a plant that has many benefits including anti piretik (fever), carminative (laxative fart), expectorant (phlegm laxative), laksan (laxative), vermifuge (worm medicine) and blood purifier so it is worthwhile to maintain balance and health.

Well, to make potions with this bangle you can do the following:
Bangle 20 grams + 15 grams Dutch Teak Leaves Black + Intersection (Intersection ireng) 10 grams. Boil all water 2 cups. Drinking enough for one day.

By taking this herb every day routine obesity God willing you will soon be addressed. To get the results it should be attempted, even if you want to try it you do not have to bother to buy the bangle, because you can come to a traditional market and buy it there. Bangle has been believed as a traditional medicine for treating obesity that has been clinically tested.


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